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The Philippines has a rich tapestry of weaving traditions that spans centuries and pre-dates the arrival of Spanish colonizers. For indigenous cultural communities throughout the islands – from the Ilocos and Cordillera regions of Northern Luzon to the southernmost islands of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi – weaving is not simply a pastime or means of livelihood: it is an integral part of daily life. Weaving is an expression of the community’s unique culture and identity, binding families and communities together in their shared history and traditions, and their collective hopes and aspirations. 

The CustomMade Crafts Center, Inc. (CMCC) is an initiative of NTFP-EP Philippines (Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme Philippines), a collaborative network of non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations that empower forest-dependent communities to utilize and manage their forest resources in a sustainable manner. 


CMCC works with master weavers and indigenous artisans all over the Philippines to create beautiful and functional products that express the timeless traditions of these cultural communities while meeting the needs of the modern market.

CMCC engages fair trade practices and adheres to sustainable consumption and production practices. 

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