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Handwoven Fabrics

CustomMade Crafts Center, Inc.

Fairly-traded handmade crafts from partner communities all over the Philippines

CMCC works with master weavers and indigenous artisans all over the Philippines to create beautiful and functional products that express the timeless traditions of these cultural communities while meeting the needs of the modern market.

We expand the market for fairly-traded handmade crafts to ensure that our partner communities will continue their way of life, traditions and nurture the forests that sustain them.

Partner Communities

We work with forest dependent communities to utilize and manage their forest resources in a sustainable manner. Our partner communities use non-timber forest products such as abaca fiber, pineapple fiber, bamboo, nito vine, locally sourced plants for natural dyes, etc. to create traditional products that express the stories of their cultural heritage. 

What we do


Wholesale & Retail

Our fairly-traded products are sourced by our partner communities from all over the Philippines! For wholesale orders such as giveaways or tokens, please send us a message in our contact page. You can also contract us through social media for inquiries and orders.


Custom Orders

We also specialize in customizing products that uses weaves from our partner indigenous communities. Whether you’re looking for a custom home set, unique giveaways or packaging using local materials, you can be assured of its quality tailored to your taste!

Check out our Lazada shop!

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