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Indigo is a shrubby, herbaceous plant that grows 1 to 2 meters high in dry and tropical places. Its scientific name is Indigoferia tinctoria and can be used to dye fabrics such as cotton, abaca, silk, etc into dazzling shades of blue.

Indigo Powder for personal or professional natural dyeing is available for sale in our office or through Lazada. Instructions and supplementary chemicals are included for dyeing.

Quezon City

Indigo Dyeing Classes

We offer group classes (minimum of 6) for Indigo natural dyeing in our Quezon City office. Please get in touch with us to inquire.

Aklan / Quezon City

Indigo Dyeing Services

We provide Indigo natural dyeing services to clients who want to use the different hues of blues in their personal creations. 

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