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Likhang T'boli

The T’boli are an indigenous cultural community who occupy the southern and southwestern mountain ranges of South Cotabato in Mindanao, Philippines. Many of the T’boli are concentrated in the area around Lake Sebu, a big and beautiful lake high in the mountains that, according to legend, was born from an act of sharing.

Tnalak Anc

The T’nalak is the traditional sacred cloth of the T’boli tribe. Made from fine abaca especially grown for this purpose, T’nalak is woven using a backstrap, body tension loom using the ikat (resist-dye) method. T’nalak designs are intricate and dazzlingly complex: remarkable feats of higher mathematics from weavers who have no advanced mathematical training. T’nalak are often described as “woven dreams,” gifts of Fu Dalu, the spirit of the abaca, with the T’boli being referred to as “dream weavers.” T’nalak has traditionally been used for clothing, wedding dowries, and gifts for special occasions, with t’nalak of the highest quality being exchanged for horses and carabaos. 

T'nalak Modern Designs
T'nalak Stripes Designs
T'nalak Plain Designs
Traditional Tnalak Designs
Malong Anc

The Malong is a traditional cotton “tube skirt” that is considered the basic item of the traditional attire of many of the Mindanao indigenous cultural communities. Used primarily as a skirt, the malong is very versatile and can be used for various purposes: as a dress, baby sling, ceremonial sash, blanket, sleeping mat, hammock, headdress, sunshade, among many other uses. 

Malong Designs
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