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The Yakan indigenous cultural community is one of the major Muslim tribes in Mindanao. Originally from Lamitan, Basilan in the Sulu archipelago, many Yakan have migrated to Zamboanga City on the Mindanao mainland to escape the armed conflicts in Basilan. The Yakan are known for their elaborate clothing, with both men and women wearing narrow-cut pants as part of their traditional attire.

Likhang Yakan
Yakan Weaving

Yakan weaving has traditionally fulfilled practical functions and played a part in religion and ritual: they are given as gifts for important occasions, as peace offerings during times of conflict, or bartered in trade for daily necessities. Woven using body-tension backstrap looms, Yakan weavings feature colorful and elaborate geometric designs and patterns that draw their inspiration from nature. A closer look at a Yakan tapestry may reveal a combination of rice grains, mountains, flowers, and dragons.

Yakan Designs

Birey birey


Bunga sama


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