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CustomMade Crafts Center, Inc. (CMCC) is an initiative of the Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Program Philippines (NTFP-EP Philippines), a collaborative network of non-government organizations and community-based organizations that work to empower forest dependent communities to utilize and manage forest resources in a sustainable manner.

CMCC works with master weavers and indigenous artisans all over the Philippines to create beautiful and functional products that express the timeless traditions of these cultural communities while meeting the needs of the modern market. Through innovative product design, diversification, branding and niche marketing, CMCC is expanding the market for these works of art to ensure that these communities will continue their way of life, traditions, and nurture the forests that sustain them.

CMCC engages in environmentally sustainable consumption and production practices: ensuring that raw materials are gathered in an environment-friendly manner. CMCC adheres to fair trade practices. The pricing of products are guided by the principle of protecting the rights of artisans and consumers while maintaining economic viability. Income generation from sales is given back to the communities through continuous product development, technology transfer, capacity building, marketing, and other related services.





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