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Baskets & Handmade Packaging

Made from non-timber forest products such as bamboo, nito or dried palm leaves, communities express their craft of basketry through skills passed down for generations. 

We strive for reusability and zero waste for our packaging materials. For wholesale orders and inquiries, please contact us at

Traditional Baskets

With distinctive cultural motifs and patterns, our traditional baskets are fairly traded by our basket -weaving partners from Palawan and Mindoro. Please ask us about our available stock or for a custom set for your home decor

Bamboo Baskets for Packaging

Sourced from our partner communities in Pangasinan with bamboo harvested and processed in their area, our bamboo baskets can be customized into different sizes for wholesale orders

Handmade Boxes

We can create boxes of any size and design using our handwoven fabrics in wholesale quantities. For prototyping and design inquiries, please contact us


Reusable Bags

Custom gift packs are packaged in our reusable bags made of mesh and textile scraps. We also sell retail and wholesale for your own packaging needs

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