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Forest Honey

The abundant forests of the Philippines are home to a variety of honeybees that produce high quality honey. For many indigenous peoples (IPs), honey gathering is a time-honored custom that recounts their strong connection to their environment. They harvest it for their food, health and livelihoods. 

CMCC Forest Honey is available seasonally per community area. We sell wholesale (20kg minimum) and retail (200ml bottles or 1 Liter). Please message us at for inquiries or orders.

Unlike honey from cultured honey bees, forest honey comes from the forests of the Philippines. Wild honey bees collect nectar and pollen from flowering forests trees such as the native narra, talakis, rambutan, sambong, balete, among many others. In the Philippines, honey hunter and harvester groups harvest forest honey from upland regions, from the mountains of the Sierra Madre, to Palawan, to Northern Mindanao.

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Kuya Gally paghahanda sa pamumuhag
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CMCC Forest Honey adheres to standards that ensure not only the safety and quality of Forest Honey, but also the community that harvests and processes them, and the forests they are collected from.

Learn more about our native bees and how we take care of them!

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